About the Awards (for nominees)


If your accommodation received sufficient reviews between 1st January and 31st May 2016 and has a Zoover rating of 8 or more, then the quality you offer your guests is rewarded by being nominated for the Zoover Awards and you may participate.


What is meant by sufficient reviews?
The number of reviews needed for nomination differs depending on accommodation type and country. In any case the number of reviews should be more than the average number for the relevant accommodation type and country.


The voting period starts on July 4 and lasts until September 4, 2016. Voting works the same way as writing a review on Zoover.com, with the only difference being that this now goes via Zooverawards.com. So urge all your guests to post a review on Zooverawards.com. This "review-vote' is then also automatically shown as a regular review on Zoover.com. So your guests only need to write 1 review. All nominees start with 0 votes. This means there is an equal start and transparency for both accommodation owner and consumer. To be eligible for an award there is a minimum review threshold. For the category Holiday homes, B&Bs/Guesthouses and charming campsites this is a minimum of 15 reviews. For other categories the minimum threshold is set at 30 reviews.


The final
After voting has closed, we will look at the final scores and number of reviews. Accommodation providers will be informed by email whether or not they have won an award.


Types of Awards
An accommodation provider can win the following Awards:

Zoover Gold Award (best): is for the accommodation with the highest average rating in each category. This accommodation receives a certificate and an award. There is only one Zoover Gold Award (best) per category.

Zoover Gold Award (most popular): is for the accommodation with the most votes in each category. This accommodation receives a certificate and an award. There is only one Zoover Gold Award (most popular) per category.

Zoover Orange Award:  all accommodation providers who after voting has closed, have a rating of 9 or more will receive an Orange certificate and label.


The Zoover Awards for holiday accommodations consists of 9 categories. Zoover determines the category allocation of your accommodation. 

  1. Hotel
  2. Bed & Breakfast /pension
  3. Holiday home (including: villa, castle, chalet, lodge, country house)
  4. Hostel
  5. Apartment/ aparthotel
  6. Large campsite
  7. Charming campsite
  8. Holiday park
  9. Most appreciated accommodation country


The countries participating in the Zoover Awards 2016 are:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Croatia
  4. Curacao
  5. Egypt
  6. France
  7. Germany
  8. Great Britain
  9. Greece
  10. Italy
  11. Netherlands
  12. Portugal
  13. Spain
  14. Turkey

There will also be a Gold Award given to one country. This will be the country with the highest average score across all categories.


As nominated accommodation provider you will receive a pack which will help you boost your chances of winning a Zoover Award using your own communication channels. This includes banner sets for your website, newsletters and social media.

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